for the woman who's dreaming of a better life but has messed up periods...this here's for you



I'm Iris!

I'm a naturopathic doctor living in Harlem, NYC who offers natural reproductive consultations with

women, especially women of color, who want... 

to be informed when they go to the doctor

to learn lots of practical things they can do right now to start fixing their period problems today

to look forward to their monthly visits from "Aunt Flo" once they understand their body's hormonal system

Hey, beautiful. 

You've been searching for years for answers to some of your questions about your period and overall health.

You can't understand why you have so many symptoms and know you have a hormonal imbalance.  But you can't figure out what type of imbalance you have and what to do about it.

It's ridiculous that the information you need isn't available online.  Because trust and believe, you did plenty of research!  

Plus, there's so much information online it's easy to get confused.

And you've been offered no real answers or help from your doctor except to take birth control to remedy your problems.

But you're all about healing disease the natural way and you're intent on doing that here, with your period.

Become body literate to finally feel like you have a good understanding of what's actually going on in your body and how to improve your health.


And haven't you tried just about everything on the market too?!? 


But with a bookshelf full of menstrual health books (or a memory's worth) you still feel like you're missing something.

Because, to be honest, we don't talk about our periods - they're considered gross. 


But your period's essential and you're right, it is a crucial topic of conversation and it shouldn't be taboo.

So, why didn't your doctor educate you?  Or your health class?  Or your mom?


it would have spared you years of taking medication you didn't like and didn't feel good taking.

10 years ago you'd gotten what you need and saved yourself a lot of money and pain.

the stuff you asked the GP about - who just said it was normal without any reasons why - would be answered and you'd be on your merry way.

But now you're so sick of fighting with your hormones or trying to turn them off to the detriment of your whole body that you're pushed to the point of doing anything to help your PMS symptoms.  Including making random changes in hopes of noticing a difference.

Feelin' overwhelmed?  

Here's how I can help.

Share your struggle 

Ask questions about how I can help you

Learn about the proven program - First Line Therapy - for hormonal rebalance.

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Soo on point. I had a hunch that stress had something to do with period pain, but wasn't sure until now. I am currently having such a tame period this month and I'm attributing it to a significant reduction in my stress and using the supplements you recommended. Thank you. 🙏🏽

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