for the woman who's dreaming of a better life but can't quite get there

because of her messed up period and hormonal imbalance  

...this here's for you

Hey, beautiful.  

You can be free to live the life you want.  You just need the knowledge and skills to do so.


Freedom is "The power to live as one wants without hindrance or restraint".  


What do you need to be free from? 

  • PMS

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Infertility

  • Heavy bleeding

  • Extreme weakness

  • ___________ (Fill in the blank)

What power do you already employ that helps you live your life even with chronic health issues?  You're doing something right because you're holding down a job, caring for family, graduating, etc. even with your health challenges.

What more do you need in your arsenal, tool chest, to live the life you really want?   Could it be you have nutritional deficiencies, poor stress management, genetic or mitochondrial dysfunction, or an incomplete sleep cycle?  You're likely missing the body literacy to decipher your symptoms and the evidence-based therapies to recover your health.

What do you want to do that you're not doing now because of your period and other hormonal-related issues?  How about running that marathon, birthing your chubby buddha-baby, traveling the world, or simply loving your body.


On behalf of your body, your period's saying, "Chica!  You gotta do something about your diet, lifestyle, stress, relationships or those other health issues.  I need your attention and love.  Asap!  You got me?!?!


But, the things you hate about your period are, in fact, the clues to your solutions.  Deciphering your period will fix your hormonal problems and your overall health.

You can have...

  • Clarity vs brain fog

  • Lighter & shorter bleed

  • Painless & PMS-free period

  • Weight loss (even after 40!)

  • A healthy pregnancy and childbirth

  • Energy to do everything you want during your bleed

All this is possible even if you're currently baffled by your cycle, hormones, and your chronic health challenges.  (And you've tried "everything".)  Because you're capable of understanding your body even without a medical degree!

Body literacy can be a shining light, clarifying what may seem frustratingly mysterious.  It can also transform your self-care practice and spark a 180-degree transformation in self-advocacy. 


You can live a more normal life, trust your body, and feel prepared for any eventuality.


And I'm here to help you do just that.  Why?  Because that's what women do - we learn, share, and repeat.


Welcome to KISS Naturopathic Inc. 

Dr. Iris Grattan


Iris Grattan

Naturopathic Doctor | Natural Health Writer | Christian | Global Traveler

I empower women

with practical, immediate solutions

for a better period.

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