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For years I tended to a natural-based life.  I often created my hair products from foods and herbs.  My lotions contained minimal ingredients.  Or, I mixed herbs and oils.  At 19 I did the big-chop removing every strand of chemically-processed hair.  And I usually handled problems with prayer, community support, and journaling.  I rarely used conventional medicine; only relenting for menstrual pain.

In 2017 my ob-gyn re-diagnosed me with fibroids and a right ovarian cyst.  I'd lived pain-free for six years following a myomectomy in 2011.  But to advance my career, I neglected myself.  

When I walked out of her office, I felt so dejected.  It felt like I'd failed myself.  In a way I had.  While studying for my clinical board exams, I'd studied for 10 hours a day.  But because I feared failure, I wouldn't get a massage, take adequate breaks, exercise, or stop to prepare healthy foods.  

I pushed myself until my period came back a few days after ending.  At night the headaches and neck-pain kept me from restful sleep.

In August of 2017, I passed my board exams.  But in October, I received the devastating news of the fibroids and ovarian cysts.  Now they were larger than ever.  In fact, by February 2018, a new ultrasound showed they'd grown 4 cm.

Eventually, I accepted the hard truth about my actions.  Neglecting the foundations of health and well-being (you reap what you sow) led to new and worse struggles than before.  In order to heal, I'd just have to start from the beginning.  Do it right.  And stick to it. 

I've returned to my roots of natural living.  But this time around I not only popped supplements and avoided gluten.  I also made mindset changes, lifestyle shifts, and spiritual renovations.

I used to...

  • stay home on the first three days of my period from the pain and weakness

  • bleed through my skirts and dresses

  • fall asleep with a heating pad on my abdomen

  • struggle with exhaustion from the anemia

  • exist on Excedrin or Aleve and Tylenol

  • faint or have dizzy spells (with the requisite ER visit)

  • avoid yoga or barre for fear of falling during a pose because I was so weak

Although I'm still healing, I've overcome those symptoms. And I've stopped the growth of the fibroids with natural medicine and lifestyle choices.  Now I'm working to shrink them. 


But that's all possible because I learned from my first mistake - don't take myself for granted.  Plus, healing is a comprehensive body, mind, and soul process.  Not a diet or a slew of nutraceuticals alone.

In this blog, I share my personal and professional experience.  I also offer naturopathic health consultations online to support you personally.

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I love mac & cheese!  The gluten-free one I made rivals my grandmother's (No lie!  My dad agrees.  No, he's not biased). 

I also love tiny homes, Chicago steppin', and art journaling. 

I have one fake tooth because the original was knocked out by a man running from the police while stealing a huge television.  He ran into me.  Then he got caught by the cops.  

I grew up in a Christian home as a pastor's kid and received the Acts 2:38 biblical experience at the age of seven.  As a result, I've grown to enjoy my relationship with Jesus Christ and feel it's a partnership and not a dictatorship where I try to make him happy by fleeing sin at every twist and turn.  I don't mind living the way he thinks best.  

I believe in physical, mental and emotional healing by a natural and spiritual approach.  That underlying belief drives all the things I do.  I'm a woman learning to use her God-given power to overcome every obstacle.  I believe that God promised it and I want as much of those promises as I can get.  I'm kinda greedy like that.

Thank you for visiting!

Feel free to poke around and check out the blog and any other written material.  If you read something that resonates with you or triggers you, let me know.  I'm here for conversation and whether we agree or not, I'd enjoy hearing from you. 

Most importantly, I hope that you leave here feeling inspired and empowered, maybe even a little challenged.  Whatever you feel, I hope it guides you to examine your life and see what you can do with the power you have.   



  • Spelman College: B.A., English/Pre-Med - 2000

  • Cambridge College: M.Ed, Education - 2006

  • Institute of Integrative Nutrition: CHHC, Holistic Health Coach - 2007

  • University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine: N.D., Naturopathic Doctoral

Program - 2015


  • Licensed as a Naturopathic Doctor in Washington, D.C.

  • License no: NP-0074

  • April 2018 - Present

  • NPI: 1841773843

  • Instagram - White Circle

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