For years I tended to a natural-based life.  I created hair products from foods and herbs.  My lotions contained minimal ingredients.  Or, I mixed herbs and oils. 


At 19 I did the big-chop removing every strand of chemically-processed hair.  For 20 years I've twisted, braided, locked, and picked out my natural hair.


When problems arose, I prayed, sought therapy, and journaled. 


But when my period came, I went straight loco - only pain pills and narcotics for me!  

Every three weeks the nurse sent me home early: I couldn't sit up or stand - the pain pulsed through my back, stomach, and thighs. Once home, I laid in the bed for a minimum of 3 hours with a heating pad just so I could muster the strength to walk to the fridge - or go the the bathroom.  And that was after popping more than the recommended amount of pills.  For ​23 years I suffered every three weeks in this same manner.  


In August 2017 my OB-GYN re-diagnosed me with fibroids and a right ovarian cyst.  I'd lived pain-free for six years following a myomectomy in 2011. 


But to advance my career, I neglected myself by...

  • ignoring aches and pains 

  • neglecting my spiritual life 

  • pushing exercise off to study

  • eating crappy food

  • neglecting self-care and stress management 

  • suppressing the desire to eat so I could study 

  • not asking for help to manage my grandmother's care until the last minute


Stress caused an irregular period pattern again.  Just like I'd experienced in medical school when I had a 22-day bleed, my period never stopped this time around.    

Knowing all this, I left her office dejected.  I'd failed myself.  Again.  My fear of failure wreaked havoc by pushing me to extreme measures.  Now I was paying the price to succeed.

I passed my board exams in August.  But my celebratory mood fizzled out when months later the MRI showed a 4-cm increase in the fibroids.  They were now the size of a grapefruit. 

Neglecting the foundations of health and well-being (you reap what you sow) created the soil for tumors and cysts to grow. 

So, I started from the beginning.  This time around, I also made mindset changes, lifestyle shifts, and spiritual renovations.

I used to...

  • stay home from the pain and weakness

  • bleed through my skirts and dresses

  • fall asleep with a heating pad on my abdomen

  • struggle with exhaustion from the anemia

  • exist on Excedrin or Aleve and Tylenol

  • faint or have dizzy spells (with the requisite ER visit)

  • avoid yoga or barre for fear of falling from the  weakness

Now I've recovered from all of those symptoms.  I stopped the fibroids from growing and working to shrink them. 


The decision to shift my mindset so I nurture my mind, body, and spirit led to my recovery When I work with clients in the same way they always experience "surprising", "unexpected" results.   Truthfully though, that's the only way to approach well-being.



I love mac & cheese!  The gluten-free one I made rivals my grandmother's (No lie!  My dad agrees.  No, he's not biased). 

I also love tiny homes, Chicago steppin', and art journaling. 

I have one fake tooth because the original was knocked out by a man running from the police while stealing a huge television.  He ran into me.  Then he got caught by the cops.  

I grew up in a Christian home as a pastor's kid and received the Acts 2:38 biblical experience at the age of seven.  My relationship with Jesus Christ fills me with a deep belief that we are already seated in well-being; There is divine will, agency, an opportunity for us to recover our health.  So, in therapeutic partnerships, my client and I work toward her well-being, not away from disease. 

My Super Powers

Clients and friends tell me that after our interactions and appointments they:

  • are more optimistic

  • feel seen and heard 

  • feel safe to be transparent

  • feel good about themselves

  • are encouraged to keep going

  • understand complicated topics

  • share more than they expected 

  • gain clarity from our conversations


This means when we work together you can expect more than a structured, personalized treatment plan.  You can feel safe to be yourself and have your needs met both professionally and personally.

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Whatever you do, I hope it guides you to examine your life and see what you can do with the power you have.   


  • Spelman College: B.A., English/Pre-Med - 2000

  • Cambridge College: M.Ed, Education - 2006

  • Institute of Integrative Nutrition: CHHC, Holistic Health Coach - 2007

  • University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine: N.D., Naturopathic Doctoral

Program - 2015



  • Naturopathic Physician, Washington, D.C., April 2018 - Dec 2020

  • Naturopathic Physician, Connecticut, January 2021 - Present

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