Now it may take a coordinated effort between yourself, your family support system, and your healthcare team.  But you can be in the driver's seat making informed decisions that bring peace, leaving you feeling prepared for any eventuality.

And you can do it while helping others succeed.  Because at the heart of the matter, you're a woman who's at the bottom of her to-do list because she's making sure everyone else is in tip-top shape.  Whether at work, with family and friends, or with other commitments, you give your heart to the cause.  That's how you're made right?


Well, you're painful periods, disruptive PMS, heavy bleeding, etc. etc, are your body's cry for attention.  You'll have to start inching your health and wellness goals up the to-do list, closer to the top if you really want to get better.  And you can.   

Body literacy can be a "shining light" 

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