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Here Are 4 Ways To Guarantee A Better Period.

Resolving your period problems is absolutely possible. Most of them can be done using natural medicine.

But, if along the way you stalled out or fell off - here's 4 things to reinvigorate your efforts.

They're often missing and can contribute to why you plateaued, lapsed with inconsistency, or haven't experienced complete resolution.

Any of them are entry points back on your path to a better period.

So, read and figure out where to start.

Habits and systems to maintain your health

Once you start feeling better, you'll need to maintain the actions that led to your results.

"You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the levels of your systems." - James Clear

If you don't have a consistent, repeatable set of action steps that produce an outcome that will lead to your goal, you won't reach it.  

For a better period I always recommend focusing on one outcome related to an overarching goal.  Then using a few diverse ways of incorporating that action step into your daily routine.   

For example, eating more steamed greens detoxes estrogen.  This helps with excessive estrogen conditions as in the case of uterine fibroids.

Therefore, your goal is to shrink the fibroids by lowering the estrogen in your body via liver detoxification.  And your action step is to eat green leafy vegetables daily. 

So, you plan one or two simple ways to get more greens in your diet daily.  And focus on those choices - whether they be smoothies, plant-based casseroles, or greens powder - for the next two weeks.  

As you build this into your life, you'll naturally find ways to maintain this habit even in odd situations like eating out with friends by ordering a side salad or choosing the dish with asparagus instead of potatoes.

Because you focused on one aspect of your plan and established regular steps that reach a goal - shrink the fibroids by detoxifying excess estrogen - you are more likely to maintain this habit for the long term.

And you can expect to get the results you want.

Treat the underlying cause

To not only reverse period health concerns but keep them from returning, you need to deal with the physiology imbalances and the lifestyle choices that led to your current state of health.

Here are some of the questions you'll want answered:

  1. Why does your body produce these symptoms and diseases?

  2. How did your sleep, exercise, stress response influence your genes to produce these types of imbalances?

  3. What in your physical environment but also your heart and spirit - containers for your emotions - pushed your physiology to such imbalance and dysfunction?

When I started working on my fibroids, I didn't google much of anything. I went straight to doctors and health coaches. Many of them reiterated the same story - fibroids are stuck energy.

They represent stagnation and oppression of my creativity, my innate birthing abilities.

Fibroids can indicate unforgiveness - bitterness toward myself or others.

It can indicate unhealed trauma.

All of that, in fact, applied to my life. But, if I didn't search the mind-spirit causes for my bodily symptoms I'd never be able to prevent fibroids from returning.

(it's funny because fibroids often return after surgery. The operation removes the tumor but never deals with the mind, body, and spirit. It never assists the woman in uncovering her lifestyle choices that led to the fibroids in the first place. They are the same ones she’ll likely return to. Which explains why they often return.)

You can reverse your condition but you can't permanently heal ignoring the underlying causes

A team approach

Those with cancer are said to increase their survival rates with a team approach to their health care. That means an integrative team with an oncologist, integrative doctor or naturopath specializing in cancer care, an acupuncturist, and a therapist.


Because each approach looks at the body from a different angle. When all combined they're closer to meeting the needs of the whole person and not just treating the disease.

I contend however that conventional medicine short changes you the most. It ignores the mind-body-spirit connection offering surgery and prescription drugs for almost everything.

So, if you're working with your ob-gyn, I urge you to create a more balanced support team for your recovery. Seek the expertise of a nutritionist, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioner, a naturopath, health coach, or homeopath.

Each of the traditional medical systems of the world work from a whole-person approach so produce more natural, non-toxic, permanent solutions.

And, more often.

A relationship with God

This may be controversial but I'm going to add it anyway. Working on just your body and mind provides significant but incomplete improvement.

A relationship with God offers you the next best steps beyond a better period. With God you create a healing life that brings wholeness to your soul.

Choosing health and vitality can be a part of your nature: it can be the thing you do for yourself not because you read it in a book but because you intuitively know what to go after in your everyday life. Which dreams to pursue. Who to keep in your life and who to let go of. And you have the strength, clarity, and desire to do so.

I'm moving into that place now. It's not just about what I learned in medical school, what the health coach taught me, or what the MRI indicated that motivates my decisions to maintain a healthier life. I've done the internal work and continue to do so by maintaining my relationship with Jesus so that being healthy now feels like the only thing I want to do. And it dictates so much of my life. I shift in such unpredictable ways but ways that lead me to exactly what I need in the moment.

That's the imprint of God in my life. That's the outcome of assimilation through my association with him. 

That's what you need. You need to assimilate into a woman who chooses health and vitality in her communication, daily routines, vacations, wealth building, employment choices, etc. Because all of that bears down on your body creating either a better period or symptoms of imbalance.

Think not only about your period but for your entire well-being. That's the only way you'll stay out of a doctor's office for the majority of your life. And off the surgery table.

Ok, so between the last two posts you have a bird’s eye view of your journey to healthy menstruation. If you took the time to review your daily actions and habits, some things applied and some didn’t.

Which one or ones will help you refine your efforts starting today?

Email me and let me know. I’d be interested to hear what’s going on in your head.

To a better period. Asap!


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