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How to Take Responsibility For Your Health.

Your health care is your responsibility. Learn which resources empower you to make informed and effective decisions. And how to do that wisely!

In my first post, I wrote about the death of dependency.

A shocking health experience taught me the brutal truth: My health is my responsibility.

I can’t hand over my health outcomes to others because they are degreed, female, black, or experts.

Every decision I make, I own. It’s not burdensome but an acknowledgment that I have the power to shift my conditions.

Being a naturopathic doctor gives me a different viewpoint.

I don’t see the conventional system as the only way forward. I have options because of my education and experience with natural medicine.

Thank God I chose this way of practicing instead of the original plan.

In 2000, when I graduated from Spelman College, I sat down at my desk feeling all kinds of heaviness over the future.

But in the midst of all those emotions, it became crystal clear: I can’t attend conventional medical school; I will die there.

Later, I realized, my intuition, ability to think for myself, and the essence of a true healer would have died at the conventional medical school.

Instead, I use the conventional medical system as a fact-finding expedition. I don’t house an ultrasound in my backyard so I make an appointment to get impartial information.

That means I have my own doctor. I get help from a holistic health practitioner and a conventional doctor.

I can’t gift myself unbiasedness; I’m limited in my ability to understand the breadth and width of my problems.

A medical degree provides infinitesimal information. I graduated with 4300 hours of medical education. I had to study 700 diseases for my two board exams. And yet, I still have a doctor.

You need a doctor. Someone who’s trained and doesn’t rely on google to diagnose and treat you.

Because he or she understands that articles don’t provide a pathway to diagnosis and anatomical facts don’t explain the underlying cause.

He or she can determine which tools of diagnosis to use and how to interpret the results.

Yet, you do need to understand the reason behind the recommendations. Make sure you understand what’s going on in your body. Tell them to explain what's dysfunctional and why.

And if need be, research the anatomy and physiology of a diagnosis. Google can help you with that. (Just don’t diagnosis yourself using an internet search engine. That’s not it’s purpose.)

You can use Google quite properly to…

In addition, get a second opinion for anything that requires surgery or effects your life in a major way

Make informed health decisions on your own terms. But build your personalized health care system to include a doctor(s), specific use of Google, and your intuition (most importantly).

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