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Balance Your Hormones with Pomegranates.

From husk to seed, pomegranate fruit and supplements offer 8 ways to lower your estrogen levels and balance your hormones.

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Pomegranates can save your life.

Well, not directly.

Elevated estrogen causes PMS, fibroids, breast cancer, and its recurrence. Pomegranate may not stop a bullet for you but can ease your pain and reduce your risk for suffering since it tempers estrogen imbalance.

That sounds heroic to me.

From modern-day Iran through Pakistan to India, this area produced the first documented pomegranates.

And, as early as 1000 b.c. Jericho, that ancient city of biblical times, contained carbonized pomegranate.

Grecians offered pomegranates as gifts bearing the wishes of prosperity and fertility.

And, someone left a whole one in Queen Hatshepsut's tomb in Egypt.

Pomegranates act as antioxidants, aromatase-inhibitors, phytoestrogens, and anti-inflammatories.

Which part does what though?

And, how best to use this food as medicine?

The Peel

The bright color of pomegranate husk comes from plant chemicals called flavonoids. They give fruits and vegetables their bright colors.

Anthocyanins account for one of the main groups of flavonoids in pomegranates. They color the deep purple and reds of different varieties (760 exist). And contain more resveratrol, an antioxidant superpower, than grapes and red wine.

Forty-eight different micronutrients make up pomegranates. Most of them are antioxidants.



The word "antioxidants" means to work, anti-, “against”, oxidation.

You need oxygen to breathe but excess from normal cell activity damages the cells.

Oxidation causes cellular dysfunction or unnatural cell death. This leads to disease and pain.

Fibroids, breast cancer, and endometriosis - three estrogen-dominant conditions - exhibit oxidation problems.

So, in the case of estrogen imbalance, up your antioxidant game with the quickness.


Adding pomegranate peel extract to red blood cells increases their antioxidant strength. It supports the cell's glutathione production. And it increases SOD or superoxide dismutase.

SOD and glutathione fight oxidation by cutting oxygen into two, rendering it useless.

Anemia is a common problem in fibroids. Thus, the quality of your remaining red blood cells must be top-notch. Pomegranate can ensure your red blood cells stay alive for their 120-day lifespan and in great shape.

Pomegranate peel may also act as a phytoestrogen. It performs as a weaker version of your natural estrogen. So estrogen-sensitive organs - breast, uterus, brain, and liver - still function.

In menopausal women it's phytoestrogen effect relieves common menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and vaginal dryness. In deficiency, pomegranates phytoestrogen substitutes for estrogen.

Punicalagins, another group of antioxidants in the pomegranate peel, prevent mutation of breast cells. This stops the growth of breast cancer cells.

Following digestion, punicalagins become ellagic acid and act as an aromatase inhibitor.


Aromatase Inhibition

Enzymes (molecules that speed up your cell’s activity) in fat tissue convert your other hormones to estrogen.

Aromatase is the main enzyme that directs this conversion.

So, any inhibition of the aromatase enzyme reduces your levels of estrogen.

That’s why burning fat while losing weight hastens hormone balancing. It shrinks the fat cell decreasing the number of enzymes. This slows the conversion of hormones to estrogen.


Peel extracts demonstrate exceptional gut-healing potential.

Although they studied dogs, the extract improved gut function. Their healthy gut bacteria increased in number and harmful bacteria died off. Subjects could then digest and absorb fiber better.


The peel is ground and “soaked” in methanol, a form of alcohol, drawing from the peel into the methanol the active components.

Gut bacteria and fiber impact estrogen balance. So, supporting the health of the gut takes top priority.

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The Juice

Three, 8-oz, cups of fermented whole fruit juice offer transformative benefits.

Fermented juice...


Fibroids and Angiogenesis

Fibroids cause excessive bleeding. They spark the growth of new blood vessels around the fibroid tumor.

The result?

  • blood redirects to the outside of your fibroid

  • nutrients and oxygen detour to the fibroid and away from your organs

  • more blood vessels cause heavier bleeding during periods

  • low red blood cells or anemia result

  • fewer red blood cells reduce your energy and lower exercise tolerance

Pomegranate decreases angiogenesis which may lessen heavy bleeding, anemia, and increase your exercise endurance.


In comparison to juiced, commercial pomegranate beverages often contain the highest amount of punicalagins.

But processing, the time exposed to light, and storage temperature affect other antioxidants.

Even so, buy it versus juice it.

The Seeds

Arils, or seeds, offer a small amount of antioxidant impact but decrease inflammation. Pomegranate seed oil prevents the production of prostaglandins.

They create inflammation causing your painful cramps.

This makes the seed oil a possible anti-inflammatory for oral or topical use.

Being overweight with high blood pressure may be a risk for fibroids. Seed oil may prevent chronic diseases of cancer, heart, diabetes, and obesity.

So use pomegranate seed oil if you suffer from these health issues and estrogen dominance.

Seed oil also retards the growth of new blood vessels like the juice, as mentioned before.

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8 Ways to Reap Pomegranate's Benefits

  1. Juice the peel. It’s bitter but doable.

  2. Buy 800 mg capsules of pomegranate whole fruit extract. They should contain 318 mg of punicalagins at the minimum.

  3. Buy ellagic acid at a minimum of 300 mg of ellagic acid or ellagitannins.

  4. Pomella is pomegranate in powdered form. It offers ellagic acid in the required dose. An independent study mentioned its benefits while reviewing scientific research on pomegranates. (This is an uncompensated recommendation.)

  5. Drink three cups of fermented juice per day. Buy this in a concentrated form.

  6. Drink at least one cup, 8 oz, of POM juice daily.

  7. Eat the fruit. It takes about two whole pomegranates to produce the effects mentioned above. But it’s still a delicious way to support your body’s wellbeing.

  8. Purchase seed oil or extract of pomegranate


Pomegranates' effects depend on the type of bacteria in your gut. The bacteria break pomegranate into the byproducts that your cells can use.

Thus, a healthy gut with diverse types of bacteria releases the benefits of pomegranates.

Supplements advertising that their “punicalagin dose in one capsule equals X milliliters of mother juice” mislead you.

Pomegranate juice varies by processing and exposure to light. So a specific volume of juice may not have the advertised amounts of punicalagins.

Buy supplements with 300 mg or more of ellagic acid or punicalagins per capsule instead. This way you know what you're getting.

Pomegranate, like grapefruit, slows the liver’s ability to digest medications. Thus, the medication may stay in your body longer than expected. This can lead to harmful symptoms or magnify side-effects.

Instead, take medications 2 hours before pomegranate juice or supplements.

Allergic reactions to pomegranates rarely happen. One case of exercise-induced anaphylaxis occurred after eating pomegranates.

Mannitol in pomegranates can cause histamine reactions like itchiness, sneezing and other Ig-E mediated symptoms. But again, rarely do.

Taking over 1000 mg of pomegranate extract can cause diarrhea. If this occurs, stop taking immediately. Eventually, the incident will pass.


You can eat your way to hormonal balance. Learn how with my infographic, "31 Natural Therapies for a PMS-Free Period".

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- Dr. G.

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