In Support of Your Health


You're a woman who's accomplished a lot in her life.  


You've made the hard decisions to create opportunities and blessings for yourself. 


And, I know you to be a woman of faith. Strong and unmovable in your connection to God, you've been tested and withstood the challenges.


But, there comes a time when you need extra support.  A time when there's enough on your plate and it would be nice for someone else to research, curate and develop the next best steps from which you can choose.


That's where KISS Naturopathic Inc steps in.  Support from myself and the health coach offers the most personalized approach to focused, effective and faster results.


We're trained, from both experience and education, to dive into your details, develop clarity from confusion and craft peace in the midst of feeling overwhelmed.


With the 90-Minute Intensive you'll learn exactly what you need to do.  And with the help of the coach, you'll have the support to do so.



Included in the 90-Minute Intensive:

  • (2) 45-minute appointments via video chat with Dr. Grattan

  • In-depth intake form for comprehensive health history and lab review

  • Personalized therapeutic plan recommending functional foods, natural medicine, and supplements to help you reach your health goals

  • (bonus) Recipe book for each part of the treatment plan

  • (bonus) 15-25% discount on therapeutic-grade supplements and herbs

  • Recommended Health Coach from the Institute of Functional Nutrition (optional; *extra cost but extremely affordable)



Here's how the 90-minute intensive works:

  1. Sign up and pay for the intensive 

  2. Receive an email with all pertinent details: waiver, intake form, calendar to set an appointment, video chat information

  3. 1st 45-minute appointment: you and Dr. Grattan review your intake form via video chat

  4. 72-hour interlude: intake form, labs, and 1st appointment notes reviewed; Treatment plan created by Dr. Grattan

  5. 2nd 45-minute appointment: you and Dr. Grattan review the treatment plan created for you via video chat;  Determine what you're willing to do from the plan;  Revise any details of a treatment plan; Connect you with the health coach

  6. At the conclusion of the 2nd 45-minute appointment you receive: treatment plan, recipe book, health coach details

  7. Health Coach reaches out to you in 48 hours to set up a schedule for next few months to help implement the treatment plan we design together

  8. While working with the health coach, reach out to Dr. Grattan if any concerns arise

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