Doesn't it seem like everyone's trying to solve their hormonal problems?

And you’re reading through it all.  Putting advice into practice by trial and error and hoping you can figure out what your body wants.  

But there’s lots of information about stuff you’re too embarrassed to ask about.  And while you’re trying everything, your migraines and insomnia are crippling you.


All your efforts leave you feeling negative or hopeless.  And for much of your journey you’ve been suffering alone with menstrual issues.  "This shouldn’t be the case", you say.  But it is.


If only you could:


✔  Not only educate yourself but find relief from the severe pain you experience with a more natural approach


✔ Get scientific information that’s easy to understand


✔ Use the information provided by a naturopath, along with your nutritionist or other health practitioners, and regain your health


✔ Understand why you specifically need to do something and why it has always been so hard to do previously


✔ Share what you learn with your sister, mom, daughter, and friends


✔ Improve your health dramatically once the root cause has been established and brought out into the light


✔ Learn relatively safe, affordable, and accessible natural solutions where you experience results quickly


✔ Have no brain fog, no cravings and enough energy to do everything you want, even during that time of the month


✔ FINALLY, find some answers and a very useful working theory



First Line Therapy Virtual Consultations with Dr. Iris Grattan


Your 12-week personalized program offers immediate access to a board-certified naturopathic doctor where you can...

✔ Educate yourself on the root cause of your hormonal imbalance.


✔ Uproot chronic period problems using homeopathic remedies that work to resolve your period problems permanently.


From sleep to rest to exercise, tune-up your whole life not just determine this or that to eat.

Consultations are the most reliable and fast-action way to learn the things that will work for your severe period problems.


FirstLIne Therapy is a 12-week program that allows you to take control of your own health.  It includes: 

  • lifestyle coaching

  • tailored health plan

  • behavioral tracking tools

  • physical activity guidance

  • homeopathic medicine & supplements

  • a personalized food plan based on the Mediterranean diet

For 12 weeks you'll target the underlying causes of your period woes with a sensible eating plan, physical activity, stress management, and natural medicine - proven tools for balancing hormones and reversing chronic disease.

You'll reduce inflammation, change your body shape, lose weight, and maintain your blood sugar while balancing your hormones.

Over the years you may have had so many unanswered questions about your painful periods aka dysmenorrhea. 


Personal consultations will go beyond the usual old-wives remedies that you’ve been recommended time and time again. 


Your consultations include in-depth information on supplements so you feel like you know how to use them appropriately, dangers, warning signs, and contraindications.


And where before you thought “Ugh I have to eat healthily and lose weight!”  Now you’ll see how amazing it is that food can cure you and you’ll be much more motivated to stick with your changes.


But, if simply changing diet and exercise hasn’t seemed to cut it and you’re hoping for more insight because you’ve already done a lot of these things and haven't had anybody changes other then more headaches - homeopathic remedies will resolve your issues.


I promote the most natural ideal methods. 


Because reducing or eliminating over-the-counter medications from one’s body and relying on homeopathic remedies is a gift to yourself that improves your physical body, sharpens your mental capabilities, and enhances your life.


But we balance that out with practicality, and no judgment if you need to implement less-than-ideal solutions that work for you.  


Because it’s very difficult to change habits that you’ve had for years, to jump into a program full force, and not fail because it’s overwhelming. 


One of my most ardent beliefs is that you can start small and feel good about adding any part of this program into your life because it will still be good for you. 


You’ll also receive clear advice based on research rather than on fear.


I listen to you and make informed decisions based on your individual circumstances rather than using a cookie-cutter, one size fits all approach.


Because I believe in balancing hormones through food and supplemental support instead of pharmaceuticals or "bandaids".


And, you may not really know what you’re getting into at first.  But after the FREE 30-minute consultation and 90-minute, in-depth first appointment, your eyes will open to how important nutrition plays in period health and hormones.


Soon you’ll have the courage to try again since you love your body and you’re interested in your own health and well-being.  You just need the power to heal yourself.  Also to avoid a hysterectomy that you absolutely don’t want.  Or to have more children. 


So why should you feel comfortable working with me?


I don't know if you know my story, but I struggled since the age of 10 with painful, heavy, fatigue-prone menstrual bleeds and cystic acne.

I suffered for so long because I didn't know I had natural, effective options. 

I couldn't leave my bed, exercise, or enjoy life during the first 4 days of my period until my 30s. 

Do you know what changed?


I learned the power of food to shift my physiology so that I stopped suffering during my period. 


In medical school, I added supplements that dealt with the underlying causes of my period woes.  I still maintain a better period now than I've ever had in my entire life.


Now I...


✔ Wear white because I don’t bleed through my clothes


✔ Manage cramps with 1 or 2 Aleve versus 6 Excedrin a day 

(And that’s if I’m super busy and need more power than the turmeric and homeopathy.)


✔ Get up and go at any time during my period because I have the energy


✔ Experience no PMS whatsoever


✔ Can go hard on my exercise since I’m no longer anemic (And exercise during my period, if I feel like it)


✔ Don’t vomit, black-out, or feel nauseous prior to or during my bleed


✔ Eat foods that reduce inflammation so my period doesn’t hamper my life with PMS or painful cramps


✔ Sleep through the night without having to get up and change my pads


✔ Ovulate so I am more likely to get pregnant (something excess estrogen can prevent)


✔ Work with my hormone cycle so I know when to rest (during the bleed) and when to ramp up on life (as the bleed’s dwindling)


With homeopathy, I’m following proven protocols to shrink fibroids and ovarian cysts, stimulate my body to overcome endometriosis, and support fertility.  (I want a baby too!)


As a matter of fact, homeopathic medicine has made the biggest difference for my patients.  While body literacy flushes out the nuances of why they’re struggling.  And lifestyle adjustments sustain their newfound wellness.

Expert care is not a luxury in healing your body.  It’s a mandate.

So, schedule a 30-minute FREE consultation if any of these things are true for you…

✔ You’re excited to apply the learning you’ll receive to help your body heal itself the way it is designed to do


✔ You’ll purchase the items recommended to live a more normal life


✔ You’re ready to follow the advice given and be patient, giving your body the time it needs to become well again


✔ You appreciate the explanation behind the suggestions instead of just being told what to do


✔ You’ll implement practices in your life to actually work with your hormones and not constantly against them


And you’re ready to...


✔ Feel wonderful to be back in sync with your body


✔ Finally feel in full control of your monthly cycles 


✔ No longer dread your periods.  (What a relief!) 


✔ Replace your body’s lethargic, sluggish response with vitality and energy


✔ Feel in control of your body and be aligned with natural resources

Because the shift in how you treat yourself and communicate with yourself will be profound. 

You’ll learn to recognize patterns in your body that will change your internal conversation.  


It will initiate a complete 180-degree shift in how you take care of myself and stand up for yourself as a woman. You’ll advocate for your body and feel proud to have a uterus.  


Hey, there's only so much health class and 15 mins with your doctor can do. It just doesn't cover it.  And it's so empowering to actually understand what's happening in your own body.  


If that’s what you need - and want - then let’s chat!

You're one appointment away from a better period.

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